3 Quick Social Media Tips

Social media gets results for your business! If you are new to social media knowing what how and when to post can be a little daunting. As one of the leading PR companies Auckland region, we have found that there are some simple things you can do on social media that take a little effort. Here are 3 quick social media tips that will help you get results fast:

  1. Put a Social Media Plan Together

You and your team should have a written plan for your social media management. You should know what you are hoping to achieve on each platform before posting anything on social media.

Ideally, you will have a written plan for each social media platform that you use. If your business is just starting out in social media, the quality output of your posts may be better if use three or fewer platforms. To begin with, this will usually get you better results.

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  1. Time Your Social Media Posts

Try setting your social media posts a few minutes before or after the hour.

Twitter posts are often checked before or after meetings – which often finish just a few minutes early or a few minutes late. Try setting your posts for 12.57pm or 1.03pm to have a higher chance of them being seen.

Timing is important. Test posting at different times of the days to see when your viewers are most active. Most importantly post consistently!

  1. Include Your Social Media Links in Your Email Signature

Making a simple change to your email signature can have some big payoffs in social media management.

Simply add some links to your social media profiles at the end of your signature.

For example:

Kind Regards

Tony Goode

Goode PR


Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram o LinkedIn.

Your emails become a major social media marketing tool with no effort on your part!

Paying attention to the planning of your social media management, timing your posts and a simple update to your email signature can give you some fast results. For more information on professional social media management contact us at Goode PR Agency NZ.