Proactive, persuasive and passionate Public Relations.

We build brands, manage reputations and tell our client’s stories in a unique way.

You may not have heard of Goode PR, but you will know our clients. That’s because we place our full focus and skill into raising their profile, not ours. Goode PR has a proven track record in delivering quality PR campaigns for global and local brands. And while we represent some of the biggest names in business, we seldom leave a paw print.

Founded in 1991 by Vikki Lee Goode, Goode PR is widely known amongst the people who count most – our clients, suppliers and the media. Goode PR enjoys an enviable reputation for a proactive public relations style that is both versatile and flexible – we dare to be different and push common boundaries.

We’re an energetic team who are truly passionate about the power of public relations and understand the marketing mix. While we appreciate the tried and tested traditional approaches, we also know how to break new ground and turn heads.

If you have used PR before you’ll find us a breath of fresh air. And if you don’t yet understand what PR can achieve, we’ll convert you with our commitment and style.

We’re Goode people doing great things.