Issues & Crisis Management PR Agency

When things go wrong – and they do!

Often the stakes are high, whether it is a matter of life and death or a valued reputation at stake. Every crisis is unique as there will be a variety of factors at play. At Goode PR, we have a PR team for issue management that has managed many large crises for our clients. Our job is to expertly keep the issue out of the media or at least minimise it. We have learned a lot over our 26-year history and can bring that experience to bear should you be faced with a crisis or issue management situation.

We can assist you in developing a communications risk management plan or a PR activity for issue management that covers internal and external communications for the risks that you are exposed to. We provide media training for key personnel to ensure you are well prepared.

Our qualified team has years of experience in dealing with PR activities for issue management

A properly managed crisis situation can have a positive outcome that will earn customer respect and actually build trust and loyalty.

If things do ’hit the fan’, call us for help. We are your issue management PR agency, available 24/7 to work with you to achieve the best result possible.