PR For Sponsorship

Whether you are buying or selling sponsorship we can help you make the right strategic and operational decisions.

Our customer base in Auckland provides you with various opportunities to leverage on your sponsorship contacts.

If you are considering sponsorship as part of your marketing programmes we can assist with researching opportunities, making recommendations that have the relevant fit with your goals, assessing potential value and drafting effective sponsorship contracts.

Once a sponsorship agreement is signed we will maximise the leverage of that investment. We’ll assist you with implementation of the sponsorship and publicise your involvement to the right audience. We will report on the publicity and analyse the return on your investment.

If you are seeking to sell sponsorship we can assist in identifying potential sponsors, creating sponsorship proposals and developing professional contracts.

When a sponsor has a logical fit with an event or person it can produce marketing magic. A type of magic that advertising or promotion alone simply can’t deliver. It can have the potential to build lasting customer relationships and deliver exceptional sales results.

Make Goode PR your sponsorship manager in Auckland.