Corporate PR Events & Sponsorship Leverage

No promotional tool is more powerful than publicity.

“Advertising is saying you’re good.PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.”

Corporate PR Events are a great way to launch your new product or service or anything that your business offers into the media. A great event with great event management and public relationship management skills creates excitement about the brand in the minds of your potential customers.

Our team at Goode PR organizes amazing corporate PR events and helps you with Sponsorship leverage in Auckland, NZ.  The corporate PR events that we organize are superiorly planned and promoted, with high profile coverage – everywhere from Social Pages to Social Media!

We help you get your brand connected with the right people at the right time and get the most out of the corporate PR event that you’re planning to host. Sponsorship leveraging is a great way to make your event a grand success and reaching out to more and more people with the help of your event