Why Choose Goode PR for Managing Your Social Media

Goode PR is renowned for public relations that connect, innovate and communicate effectively. With over 26 years in public relations, we are the ideal people to manage your social media.There are so many reasons you should choose us for your social media marketing!

We Know Your Brand

As a high experience PR agency, NZ firms are secure in the fact that we know you and your messages and we communicate your social media in the tone and manner that matches your brand and your company.

We Get You Noticed

Of the PR companies Auckland offer, Goode PR is renowned for their ability to develop the strategies to improve awareness and your online brand. We use leading social media management tools including Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more to create a strong online presence.

We can help you with effective social media advertising and plan the content and frequency of your campaigns.

Higher Brand Loyalty With Social Media Management

Our social media marketing has been proven to improve the loyalty of customers. Customers that follow their suppliers on social media purchase more often, as well as recommend the product or service to their friends.

Our Social Media Management Gets You Quality Leads

When we put your Company on social media this creates real customers and followers who are interested and engaged in your brand, rather than high numbers of likes or followers.

We Know What Approach is Best for You

As experienced PR agents, Goode PR are well informed in guiding you on what type of social media to use in your advertising to get the best results. We choose an approach that is best suited to your business.

Our high level of expertise in public relations spills over to our social media marketing. Social marketing is a vital part of your marketing tools to increase sales, knowledge of your brand and profit.