The right brand in the right place is priceless. A brand that is known needs no introduction as your audience already recognises you and what you stand for.

In our planning process we work to understand your brand, it’s current media perceptions and where you want it to be. Developing a brand publicity strategy is key to a successful campaign. We understand every requirement of PR for product launch & related publicity monitoring campaigns, no matter how unique!

There are a number of ways used to publicise brands. Giveaways, events, sampling, research, sponsorship and media releases are directed to selected media to reach your target audience. The high credibility factor of editorial over paid advertising is powerful. There’s nothing more effective than word of mouth endorsement. For every PR strategy for product launch, we make sure that all the communication tools we use are effective & give you the reach you expect.

We use digital monitoring services to capture all publicity generated. We keep you informed about publicity as it occurs and supply full media analysis and valuation to quantify the return on your investment.