Goode People

Meet the Goode People.

The Goode PR team is energetic, connected and totally passionate about the power of public relations.

The Goode team is led by Vikki Lee Goode, the founder of Goode PR some 29 years ago. Vikki Lee is a PR professional with an impressive pedigree in managing one of New Zealand’s most respected PR agencies.

Over the years she has provided expert counsel to some of the world’s most respected brands and staged some of New Zealand’s most innovative events, while putting her own distinctive stamp on the local PR scene. Behind this Goode woman is a team of passionate and hardworking PR professionals.

The Goode PR team is degree qualified and with a broad range of communications and commercial experience across a variety of industries.

What binds them together is a common belief in exceeding client expectations, showcasing what PR can do and delivering campaigns with a positive influence on others.

When Vikki Lee started Goode PR in 1991 her founding values were clear – to be Goode people doing great things with a passionate approach that offered excellent results & great value for money.

Those values remain at the heart of everything the Goode team do – from the smallest project to the biggest communication challenge.