Grow Your Auckland Brand with Social Media Management

Social media is a necessary and accessible tool for all businesses. From small businesses to large corporations, social media is a tool that anyone can use to grow, engage and convert their audience.

At Goode PR, we believe in the power of social media, and we’re proud to create and manage top-performing social media PR strategy for all businesses.

We continue to be amazed with the results, rate of growth and the increasing power of social media. We learn and improve our social media management skills every day at the coalface, and with each year it becomes more complex and sophisticated than ever.

Goode PR is best placed to manage social media in Auckland and NZ, because as your PR firm we know you and your brand inside and out. So, we manage your messages and communicate in the tone and manner that matches your brand and company.

So, why choose Goode PR for your social media management?

At Goode PR, our expert account managers develop social media PR strategies designed to improve awareness, online branding and a positive return on investment. We use a number of leading social media management tools and Google analytics to ensure strong links with your website and other online activities.

We can advise on effective social media advertising and planning the frequency and content on all platforms.

We know the 24/7 nature of social media and the issues that can arise with putting your brand out there for public comment, and that is why you need social media management in the digital age. The courage it takes to use social media can be rewarded with enhanced customer relationships and increased sales.

In our view, it’s about customers who are engaged with your brand, not meaningless high numbers of likes or followers. Once engagement is high, the rest will follow.

Looking for a competitive edge for your NZ brand? Contact the social media management experts at Goode today

We build brands, develop voices, manage reputations and tell your story. We’ve got our fingers on the digital pulse, and our role, as a social and media management agency, is to guide you on what form of media to use and where for best effect. Social Media is best used as part of an integrated marketing communications approach.

To discuss your needs and which marketing communications approach would suit your brand and business – we’re just a phone call away. Reach out by calling +64 9480 9948 or by emailing