What we can do for you.

From the smallest project to the biggest communications challenge, we deliver to clients hunting for a competitive edge.

Telling your stories creatively to the right people at the right time. Goode PR enhances credibility, builds reputations and increases awareness.

No promotional tool is more powerful than publicity.

“Advertising is saying you’re good.PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.”

Corporate PR Events are a great way to launch your new product or service or anything that your business offers into the media. A great event with great event management and public relationship management skills creates excitement about the brand in the minds of your potential customers.

Our team at Goode PR organizes amazing corporate PR events and helps you with Sponsorship leverage in Auckland, NZ.  The corporate PR events that we organize are superiorly planned and promoted, with high profile coverage – everywhere from Social Pages to Social Media!

We help you get your brand connected with the right people at the right time and get the most out of the corporate PR event that you’re planning to host. Sponsorship leveraging is a great way to make your event a grand success and reaching out to more and more people with the help of your event

Engaging online communities to tell brand and company stories, sharing content and participating in social networking.

Goode PR creates and manages top-performing social media PR strategy for all businesses.

We continue to be amazed with the results, rate of growth and the increasing power of social media. We learn and improve our social media management skills every day at the coalface. It’s more complex and sophisticated than ever. PR agencies are best placed to manage social media. As your PR firm we know you, so we manage your messages and communicate in the tone and manner that matches your brand and company.

Goode PR develops social media PR strategies designed to improve awareness, online branding and a positive return on investment. We use a number of leading social media management tools and Google analytics to ensure strong links with your website and other online activities. We can advise on effective social media advertising and planning the frequency and content on all platforms.

We know the 24/7 nature of social media and the issues that can arise with putting your brand out there for public comment. That is why you need social media management in today’s age. The courage it takes to use social media can be rewarded with enhanced customer relationships and increased sales. In our view, it’s about customers who are engaged with your brand, not meaningless high numbers of likes or followers.

Social Media is best used as part of an integrated marketing communications approach. Our role, as a media management agency, is to guide you on what form of media to use and where for best effect.

The art of persuasion, finding others to sing your praises and change the game.

Collaboration with the right player in your industry can be a game changer. In the age of influencer marketing, it’s important to build the proper infrastructure to support a successful online campaign and understand the new legalities around sponsored material.

Influencer marketing typically harnesses the power of social media to increase the visibility of brands and products. Celebrities and other “influencers” can have anywhere from a few thousand to several million followers on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. These captive audiences often consume content from those they follow on a daily basis. Goode PR engages influencers to post carefully crafted content to their respective platforms. Influencer marketing provides the opportunity for brands to deliver a substantially more authentic and effective message to their target market.

We build brands and create personality so people want to know you.

The right brand in the right place is priceless. A brand that is known needs no introduction as your audience already recognises you and what you stand for.

In our planning process we work to understand your brand, it’s current media perceptions and where you want it to be. Developing a brand publicity strategy is key to a successful campaign. We understand every requirement of PR for product launch & related publicity monitoring campaigns, no matter how unique!

There are a number of ways used to publicise brands. Giveaways, events, sampling, research, sponsorship and media releases are directed to selected media to reach your target audience. The high credibility factor of editorial over paid advertising is powerful. There’s nothing more effective than word of mouth endorsement. For every PR strategy for product launch, we make sure that all the communication tools we use are effective & give you the reach you expect.

We use digital monitoring services to capture all publicity generated. We keep you informed about publicity as it occurs and supply full media analysis and valuation to quantify the return on your investment.

Creative, engaging content for all communications mediums.

Content is King. Content is the voice that allows businesses to communicate to their audience.

To compete in today’s digital world, a business needs to become a content factory, rapidly producing and publishing content that audiences enjoy consuming and that inspires them to take action. But who has the time?

Our team works with your business during our research and strategy phases to develop a plan together. Then we write accurate and informative copy, using our design and development chops to turn that copy into engaging content that your audience will enjoy. Our team creates content at a pace that will keep your digital marketing channels active and engaging.

When the unexpected, unanticipated and unthinkable happens, we’ve got your back.

Often the stakes are high, whether it is a matter of life and death or a valued reputation at stake. Every crisis is unique as there will be a variety of factors at play. At Goode PR, we have a PR team for issue management that has managed many large crises for our clients. Our job is to expertly keep the issue out of the media or at least minimise it. We have learned a lot over our almost three decades in business and can bring that experience to bear should you be faced with a crisis or issue management situation.

We can assist you in developing a communications risk management plan or a PR activity for issue management that covers internal and external communications for the risks that you are exposed to. We provide media training for key personnel to ensure you are well prepared.

Our qualified team has years of experience in dealing with PR activities for issue management

A properly managed crisis situation can have a positive outcome that will earn customer respect and actually build trust and loyalty.

If things do ’hit the fan’, call us for help. We are your issue management PR agency, available 24/7 to work with you to achieve the best result possible.

Activating, immersing, and engaging. Experienced at experiential before this was a word.

Goode Events is in the business of event creation, co-ordination and management. Every Goode Event is bespoke, created and customised for individual clients and their specific objectives.

From corporate PR events to customer-client interaction events, our team has expertise to manage it all.

Whether you are reaching out to your clients, consumers, or your own staff, we can bring creative flair to your event and make it one to remember.

From the big picture to the finishing touches, from concept to completion, we manage all our events right down to the finest detail. The Goode team is based in Auckland but create events throughout New Zealand.

Choosing the right suppliers or agencies is obviously a key component in making any corporate PR event successful. We have an exceptional knowledge base of all best suppliers in New Zealand. Whether it’s a awards gala dinner for 700 or a media launch event, we get all the components right.

Make your next event a Goode event!

We’ll gladly take the responsibility to publicise everything you do to be environmentally responsible.

Consumers and legislators all expect businesses today to behave in environmentally responsible ways. If you see this as an opportunity rather than just a regulatory obligation, we’ll help you take your message to the world.

Goode PR has a successful track record of helping other businesses communicate their environmental achievements.

If you have a good sustainability story to tell, let us know. Whether it’s about your carbon footprint, energy efficiency, waste minimisation or recycling, we’ll make sure that the people who matter take note.